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T-29 Possible New Year Gift Tank. This was originally mooted to be the WoT 7th birthday gift but was withheld as a waste of resources. But again devs have been dropping hints and no more that it may be given for New Year.

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Update 9.21: British Tank Destroyers
British non-turreted TDs are largely underappreciated due to their feeble armor. We address this long-standing issue as part of an all-around Tech Tree revision, increasing their protection to help them reclaim a place among conventional assault TDs. With thicker protection up front and on the sides, they no longer suffer from glaring armor weaknesses and can be an intimidating force leading the attack or helping allies. With that, let’s dive into the details!
These TDs are currently being tested and their exact parameters might change. We’ll be monitoring your feedback and game data to fine-tune the lineup by the time Update 9.21 hits production servers. We’ll update you on the final settings; meanwhile, please jump in to test the TDs and share your feedback with us! Why Revise Them? TDs on the FV215b (183) line won’t exactly set the Thames on fire (er, not that you’d want to) when it comes to mobility, but it’s not their job to win ra…
Huge sale on everything for the weekend!

From Friday midnight, the Black Friday sale on Overtank will start with huge discounts!

Most services will be discounted on base, on some services, coupons will be given by our friendly support, ask them freely for the coupon code!